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Self-Infliction; an apology..

The last two Saturdays seem to have become days for random whims. Yesterday it was a day of getting in touch with old friends and new. This was done in a rather haphazard way which I think alarmed some people, so here is an apology:

  • aeia, who only knows me through a couple of LJ posts, for allowing kissycat1000 and me to descend on her at very short notice and for her lending kissycat1000 some clothes so we could go out to Elviras at the Blue Mountain.
  • wendles, who didn't know of aeia's new friends' arrival until we all turned up on her doorstep. Thanks for being so hospitable to complete strangers!
  • icklemichael, Wendy, Jo, Kate and Dougal for coping with the shock of seeing me after being incommunicado all these years.
  • Gumby for being followed through two pubs in Bath and finally meeting up again at the club in Bristol that night - we weren't following you honest!
  • sinders on Friday night for allowing us to turn up when we were all fairly half-cut to sort my tongue out.
  • ak67 for being 'otherwise unavailable' when we popped around, leading to his confusion
  • timato for befriending us on IRC and allowing/reminding me to find my old friend..
  • growf. Bruce is used to me by now. No more needs to be said ;)
  • kissycat1000 for putting up with me not having an opinion on clothes while shopping in Bath..

LJ makes a small world smaller :)

The night out was good, the club was well laid out and the music/people were great :) We have to get our skates on and get back over to aeia's to return her clothes *grin*.

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