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I have been working very hard. Well, apart from today. Today I decided to 'swap' with Sunday, so that I could spend a reasonable day with kissycat1000. Seeing as I'm working from home *ahem* this wasn't too much of a problem. Thankfully I have been making good progress with the program I am writing for work, so with any luck I should be able to write the rest of it on Friday anyway.

Ugh. I've got to ride down tomorrow morning on that piece of poo, the scooter. This brings me onto the bike situation. It turns out that although it was just the arm that had siezed and they'd ordered the replacement, it didn't come with the pins so they had to order the whole caliper. So I was effectively paying £200 for some pins. Not happy. Anyway, there was an issue surrounding the labour they were going to charge me, as they were charging me for the labour to find out which bit was wrong. Aah well it's been sorted out and the total cost is going to be £328.01 and the caliper's going to take 7-10 days to deliver.

I have this poxy scooter for all that time. Oh. My. God. I'm SO not impressed.

I have been trying to sort out when I will next be down in Winchester, which is now going to be Monday and Tuesday of next week.

As I don't have any transport worth speaking of it looks like I'll be getting a hire car. Let's hope that's not a shitty Micra or something.

Aaaanyway, with any luck this weekend kissycat1000 will get to meet my motorcycle instructor Wayne and we'll sort out if she can actually ride the bikes she'll be taking the test on.

Sounds like ghostpaw has a halloween party going on. dylan is bound to be there so we're hoping we can gatecrash :)

In other news, I hacked about kissycat1000's PC. I put in a bigger fan and different heatsink. This involved taking ALL of the components out of the case (iron filings are just NOT good for computer components), taking the 92mm fan and grill to be used out of the dead power supply and drilling and jigsawing holes for it to fit in the case. I was quite pleased with the result :)

Then I had to fashion another paper air guide to go from the heatsink to the fan, which was tricky but my best effort yet I think.

The computer is not really quieter but the CPU is about 10 degrees centigrade cooler, and the noise is a different kind of noise, somewhat more acceptable somehow. There is a suggestion for a dial for fan speed on the front for use when watching films/listening to music etc.

[EDIT: I also used Partition Magic to resize the 2k partition on the test disk in there and install a fresh copy of XP to see if that was the problem with it crashing all the time but unfortunately it still crashes. I have a couple last things to try software wise before I declare the motherboard in kissycat1000's system irrevocably shit.]

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