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No post for a week! Well, just a brief one then.

Well last weekend kissycat1000 got very ill so I left work early on her request to come and look after the kids for her until Rob was able to come and pick them up. Illness prevented us from going up to see purrthecat, jessie_pup and jebuscrust, and meet cryx and nemy there too, who had turned around and gone back due to the nastiness of the M25 anyway..

So we rested and recovered, spending relaxing time which was nice. stuartl came over on the Sunday and we hung out together before I had to set off to get to Winchester for the latest lot of work I'm doing. I felt a lot better this Monday and Tuesday than I did last week and managed to convince work on the Tuesday that I could take the work back to Bristol (read: work from home) - bonus!

So on Wednesday and today I have been staying with kissycat1000 and actually working. It has been a little stressful with tiredness, illness and so forth but it's OK now.

My bike got a puncture sometime in Winchester and I need a new rear tyre for my bike - £135 all in - ouch! That's happening tomorrow so it looks like I'm staying here right through until Monday now. Otherwise I would have headed back earlier on Thursday for a bit of a break.

As it was kissycat1000 and I had the chance to go out tonight - our first time without illness/stress and no kids thanks to kissycat1000's mother coming round as per usual :)

We went to a nice pub and had a good meal and a natter which was great - haven't done that in a while and it was really nice to take some time out.

Things have been very introspective recently which is none too healthy. I think it's getting better all the time though :)

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