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Added Geekiness

I didn't get around to the continuing saga of the computer bits. Well, Chris and Nigel went for my offer (hurrah!) and I ordered the bits. The payment didn't go through the first time (her credit card got stopped as this was an 'unusual' purchase for her) and I had a game and a laugh trying to get hold of the company to tell them to put it through again.

The bits arrived on Monday, with one fatal problem. The graphics card, although in the right box, was a much slower version than the card I ordered off the website. So I've sent them an email (their preferred method of contact apparently) and hope to get it sorted out tomorrow.

Then I've got to build this PC sometime and get someone to drop it back in Bristol as I can't do it on my bike. Although I'm thinking about buying a big rucksack for these sorts of problems.

Working from home *ahem* this morning before going into the last half day of training for the networking stuff.

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