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A 'special' entry for Sam ;)

Here is a 'special' entry for Sam.. the much beleaguered girl is under the sorry impression that because I haven't mentioned her much in my LJ that means she's not important to me.

Silly girl.

Nah, she's great to tease and wind up, as I proved earlier when I tickled her when she was taking a large gulp of her drink.. I tickled her tummy and she nearly snorted the drink everywhere! Much fun and merriment. Don't understand the torrent of abuse I suffered afterwards *grin*...

She's here now reading this and snorting derisorily about what I've put in here so far.. much to my amusement... OW!! she just slapped me round the head *grin*.

See that's the fun - we take the piss out of each other.. well me out of her mostly - I enjoy the reaction I get. Aw, but she knows I don't mean it and that I think a lot of her :) Well if she didn't (or more likely had forgotten) then she does now *hugs*.

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