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WARNING!: Geeky post..

Well, I have been formulating a cunning plan. This will only be of interest to a limited few.

It turns out that Chris and Nigel will need a new motherboard with an AGP slot on it for the graphics card. The power supply is a low-power one (it only needed to power on-board graphics) so that needs to be changed... along with the case as the new power supply and motherboard won't fit in it. If they're going to change the motherboard they might as well get a new processor, and the new motherboard will need new RAM. So, it's almost a complete upgrade.

I suggested about 300 pounds total cost, and I'd sort it all out for them.

BUT! I have a cunning plan. Their current machine is an Intel Pentium III 733 (133 FSB) on an Intel 815i motherboard. This would be ideal for my replacement gateway machine I'm planning to build! So, I offer to buy their old machine off them...

Then it occurs to me I have bits they can use to lower the cost. If I give them a 300W power supply, case and GeForce 2 GTS for their old motherboard, 128MB RAM and processor then all they'll need to buy is a new motherboard, processor, h/s fan and RAM.

I priced it out and they can get a Duron 1.3G with h/s fan, with motherboard with onboard sound and 256MB DDR 333 RAM for 187 inc VAT. Not bad.

Wonder if they'll go for it?

Now, the second problem is that their motherboard only has 3 PCI slots. I'm going to need 4 - 2 for 2 network cards and 2 for 2 ATA133 controllers for my harddisks. stuartl has come to the rescue as he has a dual-port NIC that only runs under linux that he wants to swap for 2x100Mbit NICs.

Fantastic! So kissycat1000 will finally get her silent graphics card with TV-out for 69 quid, I will get a working gateway system for total cost to me of um 20 quid. W00t!

Am I bargain-tastic or what?!

I will have to wait until Thursday evening before I can next visit the family to see if they will go for my offer. I can then place the order Thursday evening and will have all the bits sometime next week. I can then start building Linux on the server to be, and when the Maxtor 160GB drives finally start showing up in the online stores again I will be able to attach 1 new one and start the transfer process.

Beware internet world, the new improved resilient Linux-based BWAG1 600GB+ server is looming large!2

1 - BadgerWithAGun
2 - Well, in phantom form, subject to me getting off my arse, people falling in line with my plan, the world not ending, no acts of god, usual shit...

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