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Well last night was.. different. I got accosted in the street by Chris, the woman who lives down the road who lets me keep my bike in their garage from time to time. She explained that she wanted to take me up on my offer of computer advice because her son wants to play games and they need a new graphics card. I suggested she come round later to have a look on the internet at prices and so forth, so she and her husband Nigel did just that.

They're definitely Somerset people, "Oooh aaar, that be roight then, aaar". That sort of thing, obviously exaggerated somewhat.

Well, they weren't quite sure about their PC so I ended up going around to have a look at it and Nigel had a cider and offered me one, which I accepted. After disassembling the PC and cleaning it, we established that it had no AGP slot, so the motherboard will need replacing. The power supply is a small one because the machine is using onboard graphics, so that will need to be upgraded. I doubt the case will take the power supply and new motherboard so that will need to be upgraded too. So, I had another cider and continued talking about the computer, then about their daughter Jess (11) who was being bullied at school. Then about Richard (13) who is doing the paper round to pay for the upgrades.

So some more chatting and Nigel and I refill our glasses, when it occurs to me that the houses are reasonably close, possibly close enough for a wireless connection between the houses. I start getting fairly excitable, with all the cider and so forth and suggest they both come round to look at the game Richard was trying to get working as well as the explosion from Swordfish to demonstrate the quality of the films on the server.

Finally they leave, me promising to put together a price for the new system. I then realise I haven't actually eaten anything that evening and had just drunk 3 (I think) cans of rather strong cider.


Plus I was starving. I had no food in the house (unless it was pasta again), and I really was in no state to do that or go shopping, so pizza it was. I actually ate all but 1 slice despite meaning to leave half of it.

I think I drank some water last night.

I definitely know I was drinking last night.

On to other news, yesterday was a whirlwind of activity on the internal job front. It looks like I'm going to be very busy come November - I will probably be working 2-3 days a week in Leatherhead, staying with my mum near Guildford and commuting. This is to set up an entire network infrastructure; network, VLANs, firewalls, email, dns, web servers. You name it. So that should be interesting. The SS7 work that's currently at trial stage is due to have the decision made at the end of the trial at the end of October, so if it does kick off, November will be ramp-up time as well. Ho hum, no rest for the wicked.

In the mean time I have just weaseled my way into setting up all the sun servers for the new project we've won with Orange, and there is some oracle work later on too. So I'm busy looking at the proposals and checking lead times on hardware etc; it's all go (although at my relaxed pace *grin*).

stuartl seems to have relaxed somewhat of late which is A Good Thing all round really. He leaves Cheltenham and kissycat1000 sometime today as he says to call Helen and prepare for badminton tonight. Meanwhile I turn up and kissycat1000 and I are supposed to be going out and doing something as she is kid-free tonight, but neither of us have really figured out what as per usual lol.

I am hopefully just about to receive a visit from my gorgeous ex-boss at Orange, Trudi, whose wedding kissycat1000 and I went along to in August. She wants to talk about web sites and flyers and so forth for her new project - her B&B on the coast in Devon. It will be great to see her again :)

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