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I'm back!!

Dijamissme? Naaah thought not :p

Anyway, after my week away learning about Oracle (geek!) and the nights out ending up in a non-topless topless bar and acquiring a zippo and a tummy ache, I'm back!

Hehe and I'm pleased to see a certain someone.. I think she's pleased to see me too! ;)

I have been kinda keeping up with people but not enough, so instead of finding all your entries and commenting I'm just going to make a few comments here. How's that for laziness?

tatsdixon - Tats! Love the hair! Sorry I'm not going to get to see you on the 5th. I hope there's another proper chance soon!

stuartl Hope all is fairing well enough in the job situation.

purrthecat - do I count as a girlie? Please? *flutters eyelashes*

cryx you cut your hair?!? Madness! Hope to see you and nemy soon :) Like, the 19th Oct :)

*hugs* for everyone!

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