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Oh so much geekiness

I managed to stay with kissycat1000 for the entire week from Monday night. Ah well work didn't need me anyway ;) I kept myself busy by being very geeky as you might have seen from recent posts in kissycat1000's and my journals. Well, further to that, following Tianna's illness yesterday she was feeling a whole lot better this morning so with relief on all our sides (possibly apart from Rob) Tianna was dispatched to stay at Rob's.

This left kissycat1000 and I free to go to Bristol for a change of scene. We took my rather enormous home-made speakers back to free up some space. However, she will be going back with all my old computers and bits I have lying around so I can finish the job of assembling working computers from all the bits and chucking the non-working bits. I also managed to finally get around to switching the sides of my Desk that the computers and hifi sit on. This was no small task.

I then set up my second monitor for my quiet internet machine and installed Debian Linux (v3.0) on my main machine as a second OS. I've been fiddling with it and had partial success getting the latest nVidia drivers installed - it works fine as long as you don't reboot after the install. Go figure. I checked the environment before and after installation with no differences.

Unfortunately kissycat1000 is not feeling very well at all - she quite possibly has caught Tianna's virus. I hope I don't catch it because I'm off on an Oracle DBA part 1 course all next week in London, and being ill would be the last thing I'd need. While kissycat1000 sleeps I've been fiddling some more with the Debian installation, catching up on LJ and have finished writing my character background and DM notes for a game I'm playing with stuartl amongst others with an old college friend mid-October. I've still got to do some final bits and pieces but I've thoroughly enjoyed developing the character - it has been a good creative outlet. I am really looking forwards to some good character acting.

That is all for now - I'm going to try and take a picture of my desk as it is quite a monument to geekdom that I probably ought not to share with you. So watch this space! :)

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