Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

A really geeky entry

Well I have mykissycat1000's Debian box up and running - who'd have thunk that she had a K6-2/400 with standard Cirrus AGP card and DEC-based 100-base network card kicking around? Just for fun I decided to write this entry on Lynx, the GNU text-only browser. If I were being really sad I could have written a perl script to send my update as a post, but that would have been like writing my own client. I'm supposed to be working at any rate.

Apart from the camping trip, deathboy came to visit kissycat1000. We stayed up to some ungodly hour (god you can tell I'm getting old lol) and reminisced about the Casio keyboard and both remembered the stupid tune it played for its demo.. ugh lol!

Contrary to the image he portrays he's actually a down-to-earth guy who knows how to enjoy himself :D Will have to get my sorry arse up to London sometime to kick around there.

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