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Somewhat stressed at the moment. Today has been a continuation of the frustrations of yesterday, except this time instead of just me not being able to think clearly I now can't think clearly, have been locked out of my user account 3 times and had to deal with the IS helpdesk, who are now 'looking into it' and managed to come a cropper of the xenophobic access restrictions once again. It was the most I could do to calmly explain this all to Jeremy my boss in the hopes that he could sort them out for me. Ah well we'll see.

Need to write letter to insurance company. Need to go shopping for clothes, but daren't go this evening as I came into work late due I guess to enthusiastic bopping of my alarm clock yesterday morning, managing to set it an hour later than normal.

Despite assurances to the contrary, kissycat1000 worries me with what she's going through at present.

Managed to stuff up my HDD in my games machine with blessed Partition Magic. A word of warning - I believe Windows XP does something proprietary with the last 7MB or so of a disk when it installs - the partition is always approximately that much smaller than the disk it's being installed on. It worked fine when I copied it over to the new drive and expanded the partition out to the whole disk, presumably because there was no data in the last section of the disk to worry about. But when there was data there and the partition table said that the partition also occupied that space, blue 'STOP' screens and so forth seemed to be the order of the day on booting. I might be able to get around it by blanking the last 7MB or so of the disk. I'll let you know how I get on.

So that's another fun thing I've got to do tonight.

I could do with a drink.

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