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Had a reasonably productive day today, despite the fact that trying to think about anything was like fighting uphill through treacle.

The weekend was good - went back to see my Mum, who cancelled going flying with her boyfriend to see me, which I feel a little guilty about but oh well. My sister is actually working *shock* *horror* as a temp in a college - so after getting her degree she's working at the college... LOL! Ah well back to school for her :) No seriously actually it's very useful experience for her.

After seeing my Mum on Saturday I went on down to Portsmouth to see my step-brother Ollie, who was feeling the strain but glad to see me I think. We had some time together and I met his friend Sam who he has done loads of Chris Morris-type comedy with, and played Worms with them both - lots of fun :)

Still got the bike insurance to sort, computers, paying people back. Not feeling too overwhelmed thankfully. Need food!

Argh! Also need to get trousers from this shop. I'll have to leave early from work and just buy whatever I can find that fits me in a shop that kissycat1000 pointed me to (thanks *grin*)

Just soldered Andy's HDD together again - gonna see if it works.

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