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Diamonds from the rough...

I saw a post cryx made (the first on my friends list to do so anyway) and this got me thinking.

It's quite weird. Not the idea, but the fact cryx made a post about it. Yes I know it wasn't cryx that came up with it originally.. the point is I was just thinking that that was possible the other day.

So on seeing this my reaction was 'cool!'. On a personal note though it does seem a bit corny (imagine.. 'he was always a diamond geezer!'). Also I'd be so scared about losing it or it being stolen. That would be devastating. However if you see the prices you have to pay for it I expect the people would have some good way of keeping it safe too.

My other issue is that they can create up to 100 diamonds from the remains. In their text they suggest one or two - the symbolism of the diamond is that it is the essence of the person it was made from. I don't know how that would be if it were split up.

The topic inspired a conversation between kissycat1000 and myself about what we'd like done with our remains. We found we agreed that we'd want our dead bodies out of sight and mind as quickly as possible. Both she and I dislike the idea of burial but neither do we want to be sat in an urn either. Therefore the idea of a diamond sounded more appealing - however the ashes minus the carbon are still present, so I guess they'd have to be scattered too.

kissycat1000 is keen to have all her organs but her eyes donated and the rest cremated - she and I both agree that the eyes are really quite personal - kissycat1000 elabourated further to explain that they were part of the face - and also the only real externally visible organ.. er.. well.. that's as far as the conversation went. I don't think I want to think about that too much at the moment.

On the whole I do think it's a much more sanitary and symbolic way of perpetuating yourself.. but at quite a cost too.

Unfortunately I never actually seem to make my mind up about these sorts of things, but not usually through lack of thinking.

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