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Two little things.. (ooer!)

First of all, poor kissycat1000 doesn't have any net access and is feeling rather isolated and alone - altogether now: "Aaaw.." :(. Telewest appear to have a really backwards procedure for switching the account from Rob's name to hers.

Second of all, this morning I knocked on the door of my gracious neigbhour whose garage my bike was parked in and managed to successfully offer her my services.. fixing computers damnit!.. should she ever need it, so I feel better about that. I don't know how she liked me starting my bike up in the garage though. Can't really start it outside as it's on a difficult slope. I expect she could feel it rumble in her kitchen *grin*. Hey, maybe that's why she agreed to let me park it in there.. you never know ;D

Thirdly (yes it's a long established fact I can't count) after all the messing around with the graphics card for kissycat1000 I bought eze's GeForce 2 GTS with TV/out for £20 and am taking it up to kissycat1000 to fit it.. *sigh* sometimes I wonder about on-line companies being customer focussed.

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