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A great but tiring weekend :)

Well due to it being booked up well in advance and possibly through choice too kissycat1000 and I decided to go to our (very very gorgeous) friend Trudi and Roger's wedding reception in Croyde on the west coast in Devon. Our other choices were BiCon and a party that I believe dylan went to.. I thought it was in London but I think it might have been in Brighton or something. Anyway some good friends who live in far off places would have been there.

We camped (yes, kissycat1000 camped, albeit only after finding out that there were in fact plug points she could plug her hair dryer into - I kid you not!) in a very crowded campsite, booked out by all the surfers. The beach was lovely and fairly busy. Got there on Friday night, put up the tent and fell asleep after an easy drive there. Saturday we went for a swim and I also bought a double duvet (something I've needed for a while) because we realised too late we were a bit short of sleeping gear having only a single duvet - kissycat1000 was NOT impressed!

Went to the reception where they exchanged vows in front of their friends - very touching, and then proceeded to toast everything and everyone into a good state of merriness to kick the party off, which was good fun :)

No hangover on Sunday thankfully, but it rained throughout the night, keeping me awake (but not kissycat1000). Packed up a wet tent in the morning and drove back in time for lunch at the Hope & Anchor where we met up with a few friends. Sorted out a few bits before finally coming to Cheltenham (where my bike is) and finishing off. kissycat1000 is looking at camping equipment and tents on the net..!!!

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