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Morning all...

Eventually went to bed at 3am last night after watching some interesting programs on TV. One about 1991 - they had some cool music then.. the rock stuff I'm talking, please! The other one about teens growing up, and crime rates. Interesting stuff.

Woke up this morning and managed to persuade myself to go into work. I'm still not really hungry despite only eating 2 pieces of toast yesterday. Came into the office to find myself the only person on my side other than some hotdesker at the far end. Why do I bother coming in??

Did the obligatory dance around the kitchen before sitting down with the programme manager after he got in to tell him about the work I'd been on - felt good and productive. My SC then approached me to fix a date for a review; damn, got to get that process underway. Explained to him the amount of work I'm doing (about 2 days a week on average). He understood and agreed that trying to find other work to fill in the gap was a bit pointless - so I now have official justification for not doing much work - hurrah! ;)

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