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A write-off...

That's what today's been and that's what this is. Hopefully in some sort of cathartic way. I was absolutely knackered after the bad night's sleep I got in the hotel on Tuesday night (due to being in a room next to the busy A23 with poorly fitting windows). Nothing to do with kissycat1000 being there as well, of course ;).

Anyway, we rode back via my mum's and were really knackered. Didn't get back until around midnight and after a long day at work on client site we went straight to bed, but kissycat1000 had to get up early to get home, driving my (reliable and cheap) shed of an Escort to replace her (unreliable) rapidly dying Peugeot at 7am this morning.

I set the alarm for 8am and kept hitting snooze until gone 9am when I just turned it off. Next time I looked at it it was 11am. So I was working from home again *ahem* but in all honesty I did nothing so I think I'll reasonably claim it as a sick day.

Had an argument with kissycat1000 about the loan repayment demands, to the background of shouting coming from next door. They must have had a special - I counted 6 screaming matches with swearing, screams to get out and thumps and bashes. You can imagine the effect this had on my mood. Couple that with guilt for not doing anything and not having an appetite and falling asleep after having a shower at 6pm until 9pm.

So, after watching most of the Bond film on TV I've tidied up my room somewhat and kissycat1000 and I have made up our differences. I look forwards to getting into work tomorrow and sorting out odds and ends which will make me feel a whole lot better.

Plans for this coming weekend have been forming - bike or car? Well after the last tiring bike experience we're not sure which to go for. It's a long way from Bristol to Croyde - nearly to Exeter on the M5 then striking out for the coast. But I want to have the bike there. Ah well, something to think about later. For now, I think I might go shopping.

Wow, a longish post without an <lj-cut>. What is the world coming to? ;)

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