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Weekend update :)

Well this weekend has been another action-packed one - I'm pooped! Feel like typing some stuff on here. kissycat1000 is putting Jordan to bed - a lengthy procedure at the best of times; I'm ripping some CDs Alan (boyfriend of Gem, kissycat1000's sister) lent me.

Friday night kissycat1000 came down to Bristol as I was fixing my aunt Wendy's PC. Had KFC with chocojon. Poor thing was ill and pretty much fell asleep because she was finally able to relax, so I finished doing up the PC and fell asleep too.

Saturday I woke up early and played Neverwinter Nights again for the first time in ages. That was fun. kissycat1000 woke up an hour or so later and we had to get everything organised which turned out to be more complicated than I first thought - ended up riding to my aunt's with kissycat1000 following me in her car with Wendy's PC in it. After setting it up we left on my bike to go to Cribbs where kissycat1000 got some stuff for Tianna and also one of those tiny digital cameras. After some consultation with chocojon she got the smaller l'espion as it takes pictures instantly rather than 2-3 seconds for the Blink.

Goldmember was amusing trash. dylan turned up with ghostpaw (who I know through chocojon). Haven't had the chance to bump into her much - it will be nice if our paths cross a little more often :) After the film we had to run to get back to Cheltenham for the night out kissycat1000 had planned. Ruth bottled it again due to lack of funds, and it was only through kissycat1000 bailing out Alan and Gem that they were able to come along. Andi was collected as the mad final rush of getting ready, cooking food, installing new camera software to get pictures off camera before reuse that evening, etc happened.

Went out and got thoroughly trashed much to the amusement of everyone there. I think it was the shots that threw me off (5 each in quick succession) and the drinking game we played in the club.. well.. it all just went rapidly downhill for my liver from then on!

Sunday woke up with alcohol poisoning - not good. Took me until 2pm before I could keep water and thus Alka-Seltzer down. Unfortunately this buggered up plans to go for a ride before kissycat1000's hair appointment later that afternoon. Indeed, we were so late the cafes were closed so we ended up having an expensive but nice meal in the Cross Hands Beefeater Inn. Went round to Gem and Alan's to rebuild Alan's PC with Win98SE - it was going to be XP but on a PII 266..?

Think I'm going to rest and watch some film and take a bath. Night :)

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