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Another eternity without an update..

Well I'm actually in the office today for the first time in two weeks. So.. time to do a proper update ;) In keeping with not being on here so much I've managed to keep up vaguely with recent entries but not gone to catch up with past entries people have made. I'm also commenting less frequently in case you'd noticed (or not). My posts, including this one, should be less detailed. Let's see how it goes.

I've started a new project at work which I thought would have me working in London/Croydon for 3 weeks. Turns out it's a bit different to that. It's a field test of a product that will help Orange sort out the network they earn their revenue from. Logica are being employed as integrators and there's quite a lot of potential work. The nature of it is such that I may be asked to go on site at short notice to help out where needed - I don't mind this. It's nice to be doing something useful again. Also it is good that I am able to have an influence in the formative stages of a project - I have been pimping myself out again - getting our partners to sell my services to our client *grin*. I'm so good ;)

Reviews are coming around again - so quickly! This is due to the slight restructuring going on. I have almost nothing of note to review about so I'm feeling a bit wary at the moment.

Most of the time I haven't been in London/Croydon I've been working from home *ahem* in Cheltenham. See kissycat1000's entry for details :)

This weekend roleplaying got cancelled so I'm going to the cinema with kissycat1000 and dylan to see Goldmember :). Busy most of the coming weekends doing a variety of things - life is pretty OK *restful sigh*.

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