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An update on some things of interest (to me at least)

Just a few bits and pieces from here and there. At the end of the weekend I had got tired and ratty and I'm afraid goddesssnoweh and chocojon got it in the neck a little bit. Normally I would bite my tongue about those sorts of things but I didn't and there was some bad feeling as a result - I'm sorry about that.

My course was actually quite good. It was nice to feel useful again and I learned a lot. I realised that I'm probably not necessarily in the wrong line of work but just the wrong area. There is a test that is supposed to help categorise your working style as a team member: The Belbin Test. I had done it before but never really appreciated it's relevance. Basically I turn out as a shaper/organiser - far from the sort of work I do now which would either be classed as specialist or monitor/evaluator. So I can continue my role in IT but shift my focus to team leading and technical managing. The creative and social skills necessary for that sort of thing will probably be my main reason to do that.

kissycat1000's birthday was okay but a couple of things didn't go quite to plan - a rather painful accident the night before upset things slightly. I had a nasty headache / general malaise in the evening. After an abortive attempt to ride out to Tewksbury on the bike (the throttle cable snapped - more on that later) while her mother looked after Jordan, we decided to go into town to Bella Pasta and have a small but nice meal for some time to ourselves.

We weren't out of Cheltenham when the throttle cable snapped I was able to ride it back slowly with the aid of the choke so it wasn't too much of a delay on the evening out thankfully. I've got a replacement cable on order but it might not arrive tomorrow. Not much of a problem as I will be going to London for the week so it's best to have the bike staying in Cheltenham anyway. I'm going to have to take off the fuel tank to fit the new cable, and I'll need some tools to do that, which I'll buy at a later point. That'll be an interesting exercise to try to carry out.

So I'm in Cheltenham again today - bit of a pain as I ought to be in work but there you go.

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