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Offline update

I was pretty tired travelling up on the train; I had been irritable and frustrated as chocojon and goddesssnoweh unfortunately found out. I was sitting there thinking about why this was so when at Reading some back packers got on. I realised that what was missing was the chance to do that sort of thing, or rather what it represented - carefree enjoyment without restriction. At the moment kissycat1000 and I have individually been focussing on money matters and each other - but in all ways we have both been fairly restricted by circumstances. We have also arranged several things to do with friends, but I think the thing that is getting to me is the current job situation and for kissycat1000 coping with the huge changes that are going on are occupying most of her thoughts.

I must say despite the appauling service and extortionate prices I do enjoy travelling on trains occasionally as it gives one the opportunity to reflect on things and takes you somewhere out of the ordinary where you only have yourself to rely on - no car to retreat to for safety, just yourself in a different place. I hope this makes sense to people.

Had the first day of training, which has been interesting - despite others' comments about it being not much more than reflecting what we say back at us and some common sense thrown in for good measure. I feel that probably most importantly it is just a chance to sit back and make people think about things for three days and be paid for it. That in itself is probably quite invaluable.

At lunchtime I managed to grab a phone and call kissycat1000 whom I hope is finding relaxing/fun things to do with her child-free evening this evening. She seemed in good spirits and it was nice to speak to her :)

I am sat in the lovely hotel room which is walking distance from Stephenson House - the central offices of Logica in London where we are having our training (the other courses have all been in another office but this one is much nicer). I am typing this up on the laptop sitting at a plush desk while the air conditioning thankfully cools my back and neck before I meet Adrian in the reception in ten minutes to go out somewhere. He tells me his arrangement to meet his friend have fallen through but we're still going to go out and have a good laugh I expect :)

One of the most interesting things I noticed about the hotel room was that the very large bed has three sets of pillows...?? Sounds like someone warned them I was coming ;)

Anyway I shall save this and get down to reception now. I don't think I'm going to be able to post this today as internet access from the hotel is prohibitively expensive and *curses* I didn't bring a floppy disk to copy it onto to post tomorrow.

Oof. Here I am back from the first night out. Not a big problem - spend 10 quid in the end, got quite drunk enough (kissycat1000 you would have been proud of me) and now I'm waiting for the air conditioning to cool me down before I even think of getting into bed. Had interesting and extensive chats with Adrian about personal matters, and Chris and Adrian about work to find out that we are fairly common in our isolation which was comforting. Phil tagged along after a while - I never have got over my first impression of him which was not too good. He now appears to be a gay bloke but even that's wrong as he's (apparently) straight. This is all news I've known for a long time mind.

Well I think it's about time for beddie byes. Night night.

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