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Reading Ride Out! (update)

Howdy folks, just a quick update to let you know that the date for the Reading Ride Out has been changed from Sunday the 8th to Saturday 7th September. This is that so those further afield (woz? jessie_pup? ytaya?) don't have to do the ride and ride all the way home on the same day. Crash space is available at kissycat1000's in Cheltenham if you ask her nicely and give her enough advanced warning. So for those staying in Cheltenham it promises to be an all weekend type event... ;)

Currently people interested seem to be: azekeil, kissycat1000, stuartl, dylan, woz, jessie_pup, Sarah and Tony. Sarah and Tony live in Reading so Sarah will be planning the route and pub(s) on the way. Other possibilities include jebuscrust if he doesn't sell his bike before then.

This will also be linked to from uk_bikers :)

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