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A *WEEK*?! It's been a week?? Oh dear oh dear..

Ugh, well, um. It looks like I've done it again, so I can authoritatively say that this is going to be another long entry. I'm sorry. Really. Or at least my fingers will be once I've finished this. It would be shorter too if I didn't ramble quite so much.

God this seems like such a long time ago. Oh wait, it is! I started playing Neverwinter Nights on the PC in the evening, the first *decent* AD&D game on the PC.

I was feeling ill from going up to London so I called in sick. Ended up playing NWN again until late. Eventually stopped playing and chatted to kissycat1000 online. Decided there was no point in actually *going* to work on the Friday, so I said I'd come up to see kissycat1000 that night :) As I copied loads of movies and bits and pieces for her I tried to decide whether to go on the bike or in the car.

If I went in the car then I'd be able to share (legally) the driving to Alton Towers with kissycat1000, but I'd leave my bike behind for a long time not actually locked to anything which I wasn't happy about. Of course the other thing was that both kissycat1000 and I wanted the bike there :)

In the end I felt really tired and decided to go to sleep and leave coming up until Friday.

Woke up and emailed in sick again; waited for kissycat1000 to come online to arrange going up. In the mean time I spoke to stuartl who I managed to convince to come along to Alton Towers. He had the rather splendid idea that if he came to Cheltenham he could drive kissycat1000's car as he was insured to drive other cars, so I was able to come up on my bike after all!

stuartl wasn't working that day so he decided to ride up once he'd sorted stuff out and packed; I was ready from packing the night before so got up and had a shower and set off.

Arrived just at the right time as kissycat1000 said.. I'll leave you to read her post if you haven't already to hear about the rest of the weekend up until...

Both stuartl and I were working from home *ahem* at kissycat1000's. stuartl had to get the return train to Bristol to get to Fowlers - the only place that had the chain tensioner parts in stock. Spent the day popping in and out on the bike to do various things and then trying to catch up on LJ in the afternoon and early evening. Persuaded stuartl to hang around another day so he could meet dylan before the upcoming bike meet.

In the evening dylan came around with his Alchemist amp. I had just started cooking home-made spaghetti bolognaise (I WILL learn/try to cook other things sometime!) which seemed to go down well with everyone :)

Later on we plugged in the new amp and was very impressed with the new sound of the hifi. Richer, warmer, more detailed, unforced, natural. Sounds very good considering the room it's in. kissycat1000 decided she wanted to buy both the Alchemist off dylan and the Rega Planet CD Player off Audio T. Oops, ah well it does sound good so to hell with the expense! :)

kissycat1000, dylan, stuartl and I all had a nice relaxing evening in listening to hifi and playing with Jordan and the rats.

dylan had left early in the morning to go to work. I was working from home again *ahem* and went into Cheltenham Motorcycles to get a new heavy duty battery for my bike which I had negotiated down to £10 because the battery they sold me with the bike was naff - not bad, I thought :)

I have been trying to arrange to get into GCHQ because I am feeling rather depressed with the lack of work and worried about my job security at the moment. It would also help me if I wanted to get a job there later.. but it sounds like body shop work with not many benefits for staff working there. Anyway after a bit of negotiation I managed to arrange a meeting with a guy who can tell me more this Friday lunchtime.

During the middle of all this Jordan annoyed me by repeatedly closing and opening the living room door, so I stopped what I was doing and fixed it good and proper. This was quite difficult with only a couple of small screwdrivers that were the wrong size, no drill or hammer. Still, I managed to fix it and was highly amused when Jordan came to shut the door later and found it didn't make the usual scraping noise and was easy to shut! He was so funny, he kept shutting it harder and harder, looking very confused all the while, then tried shutting it really gently.. after a while he gave up. It was worth fixing the door just to see his confusion!!

A night of mutual debauchery and self-indulgence was planned for that night as kissycat1000 had no kids. Luckily, Louisa send kissycat1000 a text message to ask her what time she was going to be round for the meal we'd arranged a few weeks ago - we'd totally forgotten! Slightly disappointed that our plans had 'changed', but then I remembered that I did really like Louisa and Phil from the last time I met them.

Took a little ride out to PC World to possibly get some network cables (which I didn't as they were extortionately expensive) to let kissycat1000 and Rob have a chat. Came back and we set off for Louisa's.

We had a great time; kissycat1000 wasn't drinking as she was driving. Phil is a really nice bloke, really laid back and shares a few interests with me. Manga/Anime and Kung Fu films, similar taste in music, bikes, and of course drinking. He's got the same sort of personality as me - he doesn't hate anyone just gets on with them well. Unfortunately Phil's taste in films and music aren't the same as Louisa's but hopefully kissycat1000 will invite them round to hers while I'm there for a night of films and music and drinking :)

Louisa cooked a really nice roast chicken (under Phil's instruction apparently) which went down really well along with the (red - oops) bottle of wine we brought for them.

Strangely enough, and only stuartl and cryx will know who I'm talking about here, but Phil's teeth remind me of Colin (Omen) from our college years... how weird.

Got back and had our postponed debauchery which was great fun and just what the doctor ordered (ooer!), resulting in a late (but happy) night.

Well here we are, it's a week on. I'm actually in work today *shock horror*. Don't plan to do much other than look for projects, keep afloat and wait until the weekend :) However, of course, as usual.. this will all probably change ;)

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