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Boring old update..

Well apparently the last time I updated was Saturday. Soooo.. well. hmmhmm. My plan went.. er.. according to plan, and we ended up in Bristol to meet my dad, after a mishap that saw us backtracking through the back streets of Cheltenham to get home to pick up some forgotten bits for Jordan.

We had a nice BBQ, although I forgot for the second time to let Jackie our next door neighbour know - she had washing out again. I think I'll stick a post-it note on the charcoal sack to remind us to let the neighbours know when we have a BBQ...

Still it went down well. goddesssnoweh decided to tell my dad all about her taking pills.. which was rather inappropriate, as per usual. My dad understood thankfully, and didn't assume we were doing likewise.

kissycat1000 had to go back home with Jordan and my dad and I had a great long chat about everything from my childhood up to recent events. Due to realising we had to take the dog for a walk we missed the opportunity to go to the pub to play pool and were an hour later than we anticipated getting to Cheltenham. In the end I decided not go ride up on my bike to save money as I will be getting the train on expenses to London on Tuesday for work (and back to Bristol).

In the end we were too late to go out in Cheltenham too as we'd planned and ended up staying in, chatting, drinking red wine and playing poker (which of course I won horribly). Ended up catching some of Beetlejuice before crashing at about 1am. kissycat1000 introduced my dad to Dooleys; he thoroughly approved :)

Dad headed off first thing and left us to get on with things.

<hifi anorak mode>
I managed to find the speaker cable (£15/meter stuff; with ~30m that makes ~£450 of speaker cable!!) to wire up the hifi that Rob has left kissycat1000. A pair of Royd Doublets were hooked up (bridged unfortunately) to a Yamaha Natural Sound power amp and sometimes through a Pioneer Dolby ProLogic preamp. kissycat1000 realised the real sap on the sound quality of her music played from her computer before was the long low quality cable connecting it to the hifi. She now has it connected through a short cable which has completely changed MP3s for her!
</hifi anorak mode>

kissycat1000 went to get KFC in the evening and we played rummy - this time without stakes but um... forfeits *big grin*. That was fun and lasted until we went to *ahem* bed ;)

Monday I have been working from home *ahem*. kissycat1000 received her replacement HDDs back from Maxtor and I spent the rest of the morning installing them and reinstalling the OS and programs to go with it. At about midday I checked my work email to discover that I might be required to stop in Reading on the way into London on Tuesday but after some confusion it was discovered I wasn't needed.

kissycat1000's dad came round and took kissycat1000 out on one of his bikes which I think she enjoyed. Afterwards we sat and chatted about computers, our lives and the rats before he disappeared off.

A nice relaxing evening in sounds good I think :)

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