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A quick update (as if)

Well Thursday evening I rode home and then walked to the pub we were all meeting before our bowling. I was a bit surprised at the choice of pub - it was a small cramped smokey locals' pub on the waterfront. Luckily after a period of uncertainty it held off from raining so we were able to sit outside. I had three pints and a chicken and tarragon sandwich before we headed off to bowling at the MegaBowl local to where I live.

Earlier I had spoken to kissycat1000 and she had talked about coming to visit while her mum looked after the kids in the evening. I had said that sounded like madness because she'd only be here for an hour for two hours' worth of driving. However, I was secretly disappointed when she didn't show up at the Megabowl. I won the first game through being quite relaxed, and was on my fifth pint by the time kissycat1000 did in fact show up! What a nice surprise :)

In the end she actually kidnapped me and took me back to her house (well we stopped off to swap cars so we'd both be legal to drive, and I picked up a few bits and pieces first). Got here and rested before going to bed.

Friday was very very productive. kissycat1000 got motivated and we changed the living room back around to how it was originally, moving Rob's speakers into the corner of the room ready for him to pick up tomorrow, along with swapping the TVs over and doing a bit of upholstery to the sofa that kissycat1000 sits in to repair the sag. This involved going round to her sisters (where her mum was as well) and borrowing a hammer and some tacks, then going back via Sainsbury's to pick up some more beer. Yes of course beer is essential to fix sofas! ;)

Tianna tidied her room and I hoovered it, then fixed her computer quite quickly thankfully - the problem ended up being incorrectly seated memory chips. So now all she needs is a monitor and working network cable and she'll have access to the internet from her bedroom again :)

I also managed to encode Elmo in Grouchland which Jordan loves, but unfortunately I deleted all the extras I'd carefully got from the DVD. Oh dear. I'm now encoding the Labrynth and making this update before we do the things for the rest of the day.

Plan is:

  1. Drop Tianna off with her grandmother to go shopping
  2. Drive with kissycat1000 and Jordan to Bristol for ~4:30pm to meet my dad and have a BBQ
  3. kissycat1000 stays as long as possible but then drives back to Chelt in her car
  4. I go and play pool with my dad before him driving and me riding up to Chelt to go for a night out with kissycat1000
  5. Dad drives home from Chelt on Sunday and I stay until I have to go into work

Another not cheap weekend.. oh well I'm sure I'll sort something out.

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