Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

Another (probably trivial) obeservation

So this is another probably obvious and trivial observation about human nature: Companies often form hierarchies that reflect general social feelings. Or, to put it another way - the things you hate about the government are probably present in the way the company you work for is run.

I remember working for a company where there was a glass ceiling on the career and remuneration opportunities for technical staff. The only real channel for progression was through management. Naturally this tended to channel technical staff towards management roles that possibly didn't suit them.

I read a thread on a forum recently where people were realising that people tended to look down on those in the service industry (e.g. retail [supermarket], restaurants, etc) - but recognised that these roles are essential. However, if you equate salary level with social standing, then there is a clear hierarchy which closely reflects whether people look up/down on a particular role.

Again I can't help think of Denmark's apparently more level playing field where there isn't such a marked discrepancy in salaries across different job functions.

I imagine the similarities between government, company and social structure are cause and effect.. but I'm not certain which causes what. I suspect social structure influences both government and companies, but it's perhaps more exaggerated in governments and companies than it is in societies?

I'd be interested to learn what Denmark's general company and government structures are like...
Tags: realisation, sociology, werk

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