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Decisions, decisions; events of last night & this morning

Aah, well it seems that the wedding of my ex-boss and good friend at Orange is happening at the same time as BiCon 2002.. and as kissycat1000 and I had promised ages ago to go to the wedding, that's what we shall be doing. Sorry to lead any of you on there.. there will be other events :)

Last night was a nice change - I played softball last night with my work colleagues against one of my colleague's girlfriend and her work colleagues. That game is scarily inaccurately named - the ball is as hard as a cricket ball and about twice the size. Luckily it's about as light as a tennis ball.

After some initial fear we did pretty well. The fielding for both sides came together much more towards the end, and our team ended up winning! Yay! We all went for an indian afterwards which was great fun - socialising with some not unattractive intelligent new people (lawyers) which was nice.

My bike decided not to start this morning. Much worry. In the end I tried rolling it down the hill and bump-starting it - unsuccessfully. So I was about to drive in when I decided to pop in to the local garage and see if they could help. They lent me their battery pack, so I got back and took off the seat and connected the pack (a little difficult due to the tiny size of bike batteries and terminals) and tried it again - success, dead easily! And what makes it worse - I don't even think I'd remembered to switch the pack to 'on'! So god knows what was going on there, but it's absolutely fine now.

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