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This morning and future happenings

This morning I called up the company I have a loan with for my bike insurance - despite my change of address they'd still taken out the full amount instead of the reduced amount. Seems the first payment had gone through before they processed the reduced amount and they've sent me a letter (to my old address - duh!) confirming the reduction in rate because of my new address. Um. Riiight.

Still, that means a greatly reduced rate - down from 87 pounds to 53 pounds a month - yay! Thanks once again to the wonderful kissycat1000 :)

I also called up the Student Loans Company to see if I could get them to shift the date of payments from the 10th to the 1st of each month. Apparently the 10th is the earliest they can do! I mean, WTF? Oh well, so it's now on the 28th of each month. The first one of which happens to come out on my birthday next month. Damn.. oh well :) I also learned that I still had 44 months of repayments to make, which means I will have paid it all off by something like June 2006. Ouch! Still, it's the best loan I'm ever going to get and I don't mind as I only have to repay it if/when I'm working.

Now, the upshot of Rob moving this weekend means that kissycat1000 will have the kids for most of it until Saturday night (until Rob changes his mind again), which means that she probably won't be able to make it down while my dad is here. I've got to call him and see when he's coming before I can make any solid plans.

Otherwise this evening I'm playing softball with some people from work against another company - just a friendly thing some friends have organised. It could be fun...

Tomorrow night I'm going on a work social, pub followed by bowling at the Megabowl (yes the one close to where I live *grin*).

So that leaves Friday (which reverendhatty STILL hasn't got back to me about. I'll go and ring/annoy/pester him about it soon). If I can't make plans with him I might well go round to kissycat1000's when I know what my dad's plans are.

At the end of this month there is a three day course I'm attending in London, which I've just had a hotel booked for. It appears that a few other people are going on this course as well, including Abi. We went to a hotel together in Amsterdam and scared her senseless one time with a rather amusing incident in the pool.. Here is our short email conversation:

Abi: are you going to this to?? :)
Me : yep :)
Abi: !!!!!!!!! cool.
Me : *grin* Cue 2/3 nights of madness and hangovers ;)
Abi: wonder if they have a pool?
Me : LOL! I'll bring some swimming shorts with me this time, shall I? ;)
Abi: *grin*

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