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Dropbox [Geek]

Dropbox is awesome. I use it to keep files in sync between computers (you can even download your files from a secure website if you want to). If you sign up using this link, we both get a bonus 250MB on top of the free 2GB storage.

One problem I found with it is it only syncs files in the Dropbox folder, not files outside like for example game saves..

If you want to fix that, there are various guides but they're not really complete. My easy way of achieving this (there are other ways if you want to look into them):
  1. Download and install Link Shell Extension
  2. For each folder outside the Dropbox folder you want to sync:
    1. Move it to within the Dropbox folder (doesn't matter where as long as it's underneath the Dropbox folder - so maybe under a "Game Save" folder)
    2. Rename it to something sensible (as most game save dirs are called "Save" or something), remembering what the original folder name was
    3. Drag and drop the folder using right-mouse back to its original location and select Drop Here... -> Symbolic Link
    4. Rename the link back to the original name
  3. Sit back and enjoy!

On other computers you want to put the files in, also install Link Shell Extension, delete the original folders and right-click drag-drop the folders from your Dropbox folder to the locations, choosing Drop Here... -> Symbolic Link, renaming the links back to the original folder names..

The reason why you need to move the folder and not simply link it to within the Dropbox folder is that Dropbox monitors the files within that folder to keep them in sync - it won't follow the symbolic links and monitor the files in the other folders.

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