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I want a website, potentially a semantic wiki, that lists things that have changed in recent history, or are about to change. Things like laws, technological advances (e.g. cloning, etc). Like Wikipedia they should be editable by the masses and referenced from a reliable source, but the idea is that they should be fairly minimal, to allow displaying in list format. The idea would be that people could view categories of these facts to catch up on changes in their area of interest. Other information that would be useful would be information on when it last changed (and perhaps a history of changes).

I find I read news sites to understand changes to facts about the reality I live in, but rather than read through all sorts of stuff I'd like to simply be able to look up the latest advances in, say, the fight against cancer.

What do people think? Would this be interesting/useful?

Update: This was inspired after I realised that there were a few additional 'dwarf planets' detected that I didn't know about..

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