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After work on Monday I went back home to rip a couple of DVDs, collect some bits and pieces and head off to kissycat1000's. We sat down and watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon which I borrowed off chocojon (thanks *grin*). It was very enjoyable :).

Tuesday I worked from home *ahem* at kissycat1000's. I managed to avoid the benefit person for most of the time she was there by going out to post the two broken HDDs back for replacements and dropping the two DVDs off. In the evening Rob came round to pick up the kids and discuss money, which as you can imagine must have been quite draining for kissycat1000. That combined with the visit from the benefits person earlier and the fact Jordan came in at about 6am made for a wiped out kissycat1000 (and me).

An unexpected visit from Louisa (who called me her friend, as opposed to kissycat1000's bloke or similar - wooh! I have a new friend!) and her two kids later on in the afternoon was really welcome despite us being a bit flaked out. We were unable to tempt her to come to Intrusion which was probably just as well.

So we decided to give Intrusion a miss because we were wiped out, no money and kissycat1000 had heard that uberredfraggle wasn't coming. And as I saw from diffrentcolour's post he didn't make it anyway, so just as well really.

After a tussle and little power struggle in the kitchen (!!) which involved some gender swapping I ended up cooking some lemon chicken which was quite nice - not too much rice either. The rice I cooked in a microwave steamer. Ever since I reheated some food with rice (I sprinkled some water over it first) and it came out really well I decided to look into rice steamers (including microwave ones) but never got round to it. The rice was really nice (a little soggy but not bad for a first attempt), so I will have to look into that :)

Later on we drank some Dooleys (toffee liquor from the heavens), looked at LJ and some crap on TV for a bit before trying to get an early night. I actually woke up before 6am but managed to get back to sleep I think, but we were both tired again this morning. Rob came back around and there was another conversation about money amongst other things. It would seem that if all goes well he's moving house with Kim and her kids to a place a lot closer; a lot of the conversation was about things that were going to be moved and when, who'd be having the kids and when, etc.

So that was another tiring conversation. I'm going to make another post with future happenings and other ramblings now :)

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