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Somewhat flabbergasted..

So I decide to call up Dell, to see if I can purchase a graphics card from them. Turns out that even though it's out of warranty, because I haven't called them before they'll offer to either have the laptop picked up tomorrow by courier for repair, which will take 10 days or so, or send an engineer out tomorrow with a replacement motherboard and graphics card.. but that would require me to buy an extended warranty, minimum cost £110 for 1 year.

I did enquire into upgrades, but there's a 2-3 month waiting list for the upgraded part - nVidia 8200GTX instead of 7900GTX, and it would cost £325, so I decided against that.

I've opted to have it picked up at no cost tomorrow for repair back at the factory.

So I'm slightly flabbergasted, in a good way. I think it's because it's an XPS model - a top of the range one that they made a lot of fuss about being reliable and having good support etc. There was even a premium support line number to call on Dell's site.

So now I feel a little stupid for my wasted trip to Oxford today, but happy that it's going to get fixed :)

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