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Damn, that didn't quite go according to plan

Today I took my broken Dell XPS M1710 laptop to UK Laptops on the other side of Oxford to get it fixed. I drove there in the wintery conditions but I had no problems. Unfortunately though, I was one of the 5% whose laptop they can't fix. I suspect because it's not a dry joints problem, it's actually a memory chip which is on the way out.

So that was a waste of a day and a tank of fuel.

So I'm going to try and underclock the graphics card, see if that makes any difference. Perhaps there are some diagnostic tools for nVidia graphics cards that check memory and even allow the driver to mark some as 'bad'.. fingers crossed!

If not, I'll reuse my fast 320GB HDD from that laptop, and perhaps the 2x1GB sticks will be wanted by kissycat1000 and ev1ldonut for their Advent 4211s?

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