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Monday morning catch-up

Well welcome back to the regular spot that has become the Monday morning catch-up. This is generally to spout about the events of the weekend, but mainly to avoid doing anything that even remotely resembles *shudder* work. I know, I said it, I'm sorry.

Thursday evening I spent some relaxing time at my actual house. This came as a bit of a surprise to everyone in the house, most of all me..

Friday decided not to bother going into work. Had been trying to fight off some bug and wanted to be able to lie down when I wanted to and work wasn't the place to do that. Besides, all I'm doing at work at the moment is surfing the web; I can do that just as effectively if not more so from home ;) So I emailed my project manager and my mentor who both told me to take the day off. So I did :)

goddesssnoweh was wanting me to go out with her to a club, but due to her bank screwing with her account she wasn't really in any position to go out, so we postponed our joint venture until another weekend when I was feeling better and she had more money. This was a bit of a bitter pill for her to swallow (sic) but I think it was the right decision.

That evening after some deliberating kissycat1000 decided to come down and we went out to try and find a biker pub I'd been told about nearly a year ago. Needless to say we didn't find it so instead we went to The Hatchett Inn, which is a quirky place right next to the Ice Rink in Bristol. It was full of lots of interesting young 'alternative' types, which we spend a good half hour or so oggling *grin*.

I swear kissycat1000 is turning into a squirrel or something. She ate food before she left, made me cook her pasta and pesto and was STILL hungry after that and insisted on eating peanuts in the pub, which finally seemed to sate her.

Got back and got slightly tipsy on Dooleys, some of which sort of 'jumped' out of the glass a few times, landing really unfortunately on poor kissycat1000 and had to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned up by careful application of.. *ahem* anyway yes what was I saying?

So that was Friday. Saturday morning we eventually surfaced and kissycat1000, ravenous as always, managed to persuade me to go to the cafe for a fried breakfast. This was really tricky as I'm sure kissycat1000 will agree, but the food was good and really hit the spot.

kissycat1000 then called up her friend Ruth to see if she was going to come out on the night out she'd been planning, only to find out that there was another of the parties that happen once in a blue moon happening at the same place the last legendary party happened, which I had missed last time due to going to a pre-arranged LAN party.

I was quite upset because I thought I wasn't going to be able to go as I had promised to let her have a night out with some friends who didn't understand our relationship and if I was there it would have put a dampener on things which is just unfair. However in the light of the revelation that it was one of the parties I really wanted to come along.

She phoned the friend in question and discovered that he was booked to do a work shift that night and was trying to get out of it. So on that news it was quite reasonable I shouldn't stay away if it wasn't even likely he was going to make it. So this made me glad in the end :)

The roleplayers were supposed to turn up at 2pm but when I still hadn't heard from them at 3:15pm I decided to call them. It seemed they were still in Bath. Ho hum. I warned them that I was going off to a last-minute party at 7pm. They arrived and shortly afterwards Burney rang me to let me know he was ready for me to come and pick him up on the bike as we'd arranged earlier that day. Unfortunately on riding to his the spare helmet dropped off the bike not having been secured properly. I got stopped by a paramedic on a motorcycle (at first I thought it was the police and I got a little apprehensive). So I ended up going back and picking up the helmet of a kind person who was holding it for me - it was all battered and scratched - once it's been dropped it can't be used anyway - bit of a waste. So I ended up going back and driving to pick Burney up.

Ended up creating characters and actually managed to get about an hours roleplaying in before I had to get ready to go up to kissycat1000's for the party. Apparently they stayed until 10pm after I left so it sounds like it wasn't a total waste.

Got there in record time despite being low on fuel and having to switch to reserve on the way up. My bike is really posh[1] and actually has a fuel warning light that playfully came on and disappeared throughout the latter half of the journey.

Some mad rushings around and we were ready. Picked up Ed - Ruth was tired and didn't want to come out to play (bah!) and we picked up some Martini to take around. Got there only to discover we were really early after all that so went back out to get some food and come back later.

Ended up wandering to the park where the annual 'Party in the Park' was happening. kissycat1000 has of course written about the events of the weekend which you can read here. Watched some jazz and drums stuff, some of which was quite cool. Oggled at all the young girls (kissycat1000? A cradle snatcher? Never ;) ) and then the fireworks before wandering back. The other guys were trying to play frizbee and lost it (not surprised as it was dark). Still, got back and then the party started properly :)

Lots of music (with a DJ no less) in a rather cool house with a room at the top that is so big you need binoculars to see the telly on the other side! Well okay that's a slight exaggeration but it was a good sized room. Mostly really rather fit blokes - some girls did arrive later, one of which was attached to one of the blokes; a very fit dark skinned girl who was really quite pretty too. Both kissycat1000 and I appreciated the view :)

I was consciously not being affectionate with kissycat1000 because I didn't want to cramp her style. I was aware that the people at the party couldn't understand our relationship, and I was also aware that my being invited was a bit of an invasion on kissycat1000's social life that she enjoys very much and that it would have an inevitable effect on it. I let her make all the moves to be affectionate to me but at random intervals throughout the night we talked about how I felt bad that I was cramping her style. I might put these thoughts into a more coherent rambling in a post to polyamory at some point and see what responses I get.

Got controllably drunk, even when we did the tequila slammers thing but with vodka and sugar instead of tequila and salt.. quite interesting but nice :) However it was after Ed made a lung out of a plastic drinks bottle and a plastic bag (enterprising young lad that he is) and we all ended up in the toilet getting very very er.. not straight.

Shortly after that we ended up in a cupboard and I dragged poor unsuspecting Birdie in in a rather unconventional way. He couldn't get his head around much of this so left.

Unfortunately for us we were really the wrong side of sober by more than a stone's throw so we sort of ended up leaving. I got the giggles and got quite frustrated because I knew that anything I said would make people think I was really badly affected when I just wanted to sit and chill for a bit. Still after some inane ramblings (can anyone say stoned?) we ended up getting a taxi home.

Got home, had the munchies and ate between us the cold pasta and pesto kissycat1000 had prepared earlier.. mmmm.. a cup of tea and bed for us both :)

kissycat1000 got texted a few times on Sunday morning from Birdie who was still up and wanted us (well her) to come back but we had other plans. Rode into town to pick up kissycat1000's car (remember I had no spare helmet at this time), came back and went out again in the car with kissycat1000 to the bike shop where we purchased a child-size helmet which fitted kissycat1000 as an early birthday present. After some initial hesitations over getting a child-size helmet I think she's decided she really likes it as it's really light so doesn't give her neck-ache and because it fits properly it doesn't try to lift off when riding at high speeds. And another bonus - it will even fit in the top box because it's so small! So that was a definite success.

We got back home and kissycat1000 persuaded me to take her out shopping on the bike for a couple of essentials from Sainsbury's, which we did. We came back to drop the shopping off and immediately went out to a pub where we had a nice lunch before heading off to Tewksbury. It was lovely weather and the bike was working well (except for missing a gear and having to crunch back into the gear below) and kissycat1000 had her new helmet. We got to the riverside where we wandered through some public gardens and sat peacefully by the river for a while before I decided we should go for a walk.

This walk involved a bit of a stop in a secluded place with lots of yellow blossom.. which was nice. Apart from fishing it out of all sorts of places afterwards :) Oh, and pretending nothing had happened when we bumped into another old couple that were walking along the path just after we emerged from our secluded spot ;) It was SUCH a lovely day; the weather was fabulous..

We then wandered around the abbey grounds and sat underneath a huge old tree which we couldn't work out what it was called for the life of us (oh how poor) - it was a deciduous tree with mostly green leaves that some had turned this gorgeous really dark purple. Its fruits were like little conkers with little hooks on like velcro. Anyway, we sat and had a lovely chat about books and writing and imagination before deciding to head back.

We dropped in at Blockbusters on the way back to hire a couple of films, one of which we watched called 'The Centre of the World' - a story about a young guy who made money through his computer company and saught company for a naughty weekend away. It was a story about their feelings and emotions and came quite close to home on some points. kissycat1000 pointed out that it was actually quite realistic but I had been drinking and was somewhat disturbed by the depressing moral of that particular story, but the director had succeeded in communicating those feelings pretty effectively, although a couple of times I did read the wrong thing into the situation - more my own failing I imagine than any fault of the director's.

It had been a lovely day. Completely unplanned yet deeply satisfying in a relaxing way.

This morning cause us to pause and reflect on the money we spent over the weekend - not good. A bit of juggling to go on there I think but it will all pan out as it always does.

Wow, this is pretty long. I think I successfully managed to avoid the entire morning's work *grin*.

1 Note for non-bikers: Most bikes don't even have a fuel gague; they have a reserve tank. The procedure when you get a bike new to you is to work out how many miles a tankful of fuel will do, then every time you fill up reset the tripmeter so you know when you next need to fill up.

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