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A good day

Today I woke up at 7:30am (okay, I woke at 6:30; I got up at 7:30) and drove to Walsall just north of Birmingham to MIJ Exhaust to get my Lexus' exhaust fixed. That's a little way to just get it fixed, so I got it.. 'fixed'. It sounds more like a Maserati rather than a Mustang or a TVR, which I suppose I should have expected, but I'm fairly happy with the result, and it did make me drive the longer way back home so I could play with the car and listen to the exhaust note some more ;)

While I was waiting for the exhaust work to be done, I walked 2 miles to the local cinema which was like stepping back in time. The cinema's advertising board was one that you had to physically change the letters on, and so were all the boards internally and for each screen. When I asked what each film was about I was handed a folder with sheets of paper inside plastic sheaths to read. How quaint! Still, it all worked. The floor was sticky, which just made me smirk with nostalgia.. and put my bag on the next seat. The place was deserted. Surrogates is a fairly good watch :) Then I walked 2 miles back and picked up the car and drove home.

This afternoon I arranged for a local bicycle shop to order me in one of these and the right seat post to go with it, which should give me even less excuse not to cycle more locally and even cycle more to/from work. This will go hand-in-hand with my re-new no-sugar-in-tea policy (or anything other than milk, for that matter), which I started a few weeks ago. I still miss it in tea, but I'm happy enough I guess.

This evening I managed to cycle round to Andy's for an impromptu games evening and socialising.

So all in all, an expensive but successful day :)

Tomorrow: relaxing? Pub? Who can tell?

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