Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

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Pressing on...

Work is.. non-existant. I am able to sit and do no work most if not all of the time. This is very demoralising, in addition to the other events at this company. There is no work as such to do where I am; we're waiting for the only client this place services to sort out it's project load and decide what needs doing.

I could be doing a few things including brushing up on my Solaris to get the Sysadmin certificate but to be honest I'm just not feeling motivated to do them. I will do at some point.

The other thing that sealed it for me was I saw that Logica shares are down to 190p. This is pitiful. My immediate thoughts were to get off this sinking ship - so I will soon redouble my efforts to get a different job, preferably in Cheltenham, that pays me what I'm worth, with prospects.

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