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My mother came to visit yesterday, which was really nice. I took her out for a decent steak at a favourite pub, which she seemed to appreciate. We walked, talked, visited Bourton-on-the-Water just after it shut and had a not-amazingly-overpriced generous portions of tea, and then played poker in the evening with friends, which was nice :)

Boy was I shattered at the end of that day though. In the morning, I'd had my second and final back scan:

It's better than it was previously, and it feels better too, but it's not perfect. I still have to be careful and think about what I'm doing. Apparently it was an injury, which is why exercising wasn't the right thing to do at the time. It's healing up now, and it should return to nearly 100% over 24 months, but I may get the odd relapse every now and again. I shouldn't avoid doing things because of my back though, that causes more harm than good.

Tonight was supposed to be relaxing, but I discovered that behemoth didn't switch on properly. Cue lots of debugging, and also lifting the damned heavy thing out as I suspected (rightly, it turns out) that at least one of the problems was a loose cable somewhere with the hard disk array. There was a second problem as well, which was that the network cable seems rather iffy.. that's wiggled and fixed, for now. Finally, there is some sort of NFS problem, which I've worked around, but that was a PITA. I'll have to leave getting MusicBrainz to scan and reclassify all my music until another night I guess.

I wanted to get this update done before bedtime, and I've done it, but I've stayed up later than I wanted to - these last couple of days have been knackering and I can feel the sore throat warning me not to push it. Roll on the weekend. In fact, roll on three weeks' time :)

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