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Not quite according to plan...

So the day started off well enough, with ev1ldonut taking me out to lunch.. but it started going downhill from there. The nagging headache I had got worse (a combination of not enough sleep, dehydration despite drinking loads and possibly being run down due to not enough sleep) and I was beginning to feel feverish. There was a brief upturn when kissycat1000, jinx_lbc and J popped over to wish me happy birthday and give me a couple of excellent presents - one of which I will be wearing tomorrow and the other of which I may be playing soon :)

I've spent most of the day installing and reinstalling Windows 7 and hunting down ever more obscure problems and solutions as to why it was just ending up at a blank screen with a mouse cursor. Only when I left it alone and it went into standby did I think to re-check the TV (which acts as a second monitor) only to discover the login screen sat there waiting for me... *sigh*.

Unfortunately illness meant I missed going to my friends' house for a BBQ, which was gutting.

Still, it's finished installing now, and there's always tomorrow. I'll go to bed early and get a good night's sleep :)

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