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*Large sigh*

Tuesday was boring and went agonisingly slowly. I was of course waiting to go round and see kissycat1000. Got round and spent the evening with kissycat1000's friend Louisa who I think was having a case of TMI. We were drinking but she wasn't as she had to drive home.. ah well. It was a good laugh :)

Wednesday morning I rebuilt Jordan's PC and started making images of his games so breaking the CDs wouldn't matter so much. It's a bit of an uphill struggle as they're already pretty scratched and making images of them is a bit hit-and-miss.

After a nice meal on Wednesday night I got a bit drunk and spoke to kissycat1000 about something which I wouldn't normally have done, and it upset us both a lot. I did it with the best intentions at heart but being such a sensitive subject it came across all wrong.

I nearly left the next morning without saying anything due to my horribly mixed up feelings on the matter but managed to force myself to do something before I did leave. I ended up staying until gone 10am and we managed to straighten things out somewhat. Some of the reason for forcing myself to attempt to sort it out when it was all still really raw was that it was in my mind I won't see kissycat1000 until Sunday. It was very difficult to say anything and make sure it was kind and what I actually meant when my feelings were still so churned up.

I feel OK now, just exhausted and not very sociable. The day is dull and miserable and going slowly again - I just want to go home and sleep/relax.

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