Azekeil (azekeil) wrote,

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Does any one else feel..

..that everything we do is ultimately futile? I don't mean in the sense that we die of old age, and the problem that ancient civilisations struggled with in their sense of impermanence, I mean in the sense that the economy is collapsing, peak oil is just around the corner, climate change is practically inevitable, politics seems to only get worse not better, wars, famine and exploitation still exist, each successive generation appears to have access to worse education and that the day-to-day work we do is so abstracted from any of these fundamental issues that it all just seems unreal.

This isn't supposed to be a negative post, I just.. am finding it hard to justify our way of existence given the above. And the biggest irony is that tomorrow I will go in to work, put this all to the back of my mind and continue performing my ultimately futile role.

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