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And on a slightly more serious note

I went to visit the spine doctor (osteopathic surgeon) on Wednesday, after finally getting around to working out how to 'activate' my insurance through the company. I decided not to take the ibuprofen painkillers I've started taking before I get up every morning to take the edge off the pain in the mornings (strangely, it seems to fade to almost 'normal' from mid-afternoon onwards). Changing my balance between leaning forward to backwards/upright is what does it, so walking or climbing stairs, if I get it wrong or do it too quickly, will cause an acute stabbing pain.

I was worried I was going to get shouted at about weight and fitness (both fair points) as every other GP I've seen about my back has done so far, but thankfully he took me seriously and actually examined me. It was when I worked out the only way to get off the examination couch was to 'fall' off it and in doing so I let out a yelp and a second when I tried to move too quickly after that, that he realised quite how much pain I've been in.

I went straight to get an MRI scan (literally in a truck outside the clinic), and then back to examine the scans. The MRI machine was claustrophobic (I didn't realise how long it was) and the sounds it made reminded me of Ultraviolence. I could have an infected fifth vertebrae, but it's atypical and so he asked for blood samples to be taken to try to clarify it (and that was a trauma in itself as the doctor needed to stab me four times before getting enough blood. At least I don't bleed easily, I suppose). I'll get an appointment with him next week but if they're still uncertain I will need to go in for a biopsy.

At least something definite is happening about my back now; I know people have been saying to get it sorted for ages.. well, finally it is. Hopefully it'll be straightforwards to put right.

Work is ok, but I'm living through the "it's impossible to make everyone happy all the time" issues, which is weighing on me a bit.

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