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Woohoo!... Doh :(

  • So I took my bike in to get MOT'd on Monday. It passed! Woohoo!
  • Then on taking it home afterwards, I realised I forgot my security chain. Doh!
  • Then, when I got back to the shop, I parked my bike.. and with the heat and exhaustion, forgot to put down the side stand. It fell over.. Doh!.. into another bike.. Doh!.. which luckily was only scratched.. Woohoo!.. but my bike's left mirror, screen and nose cone broke. Doh :(
  • So I ordered a spare wing mirror and screen off ebay, which both arrived promptly.. Woohoo!
  • I fitted the bits, but in doing so I removed the nose cone (unnecessarily as it turns out). I decided to have a go at repairing the last remaining damage from the crash - my neutral light and tachometer weren't functioning. The cause was a tear in the circuit 'sheet' on the back of my dials, cutting two of the tracks. I did the dirtiest, bodgiest soldering ever, but surprisingly the result is that they're both working perfectly again! Woo-fucking-hoo!
  • Unfortunately, the last screw for securing the right hand mirror sheared off in the socket. Doh! The mirror is still mostly secure though, good enough to ride with, which I just did, Woohoo! - but I'll have to get it drilled out and fixed, as well as seeing if the crack in the fibreglass nose cone can be repaired somehow.
  • Finally, one screw didn't have anything to screw into with the screen.. Doh!.. and it fell out during the ride.. double Doh!.. but then I found it when it fell out of the bike when I parked up again.. Woohoo!
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