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I am still alive.

I'm not even angry!

In Toronto. Jetlag bad. People good. Interviews going well. Issues getting sorted. Great success.

This is my first trip anywhere west of the Atlantic. The first thing to wow me was the Express Travellator at Toronto Airport. I managed to get my camera out and take a short movie. Behold me giggle like a little girl with glee at the marvel of it all!

I've had dreams about people transportation around express travellators something like this one, so it's quite awesome to see someone's actually built one in reality :)

The other thing that got me was that nearly all vehicles have 'hoods' - you know, kennel dog shaped bonnets - even if it's a bus or a van or what have you. Oh, and big vehicles you'd expect to be diesel powered are petrol powered, and all cars have at least 6 cylinders, usually 8 from what I can make out. And everyone drives with one hand on the top of the wheel gangsta stylee.

Here is a picture of a prime steak I sniffed out on my first night here:

A view from my hotel room:

A view from the square. Quite a 'styled' building; there are cafes, libraries and jazz clubs around this area. Awesome!

I've not been out to explore much yet so I'm going out for food with John shortly and hopefully I'll get some ideas of things to visit before I go back home!

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