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Life has been really busy of late. Well, really busy and really.. not busy. Ugh, I'll try and explain. Work has been really busy, pushing me to the point where I'm so busy I'm making mistakes. While not life threatening or anything like that, if I make mistakes it affects more than just myself. Anyway, I'm aware of all this and it should be getting better soon, but there's this weird week of sorts in Toronto next week.

I've been busy enough at work that I've been gently ignoring most other things. Actually that's completely untrue, I've been thinking about everything but not come up with any answers. One step at a time is beginning to get wearing.

On a not completely unrelated note, I'm getting really itchy to write and run my own roleplaying campaign. It's something I've wanted to do since I was an adolescent but never quite managed it. I suspect this is simply a diversionary tactic, but it seems like an achievable goal and it will fulfill a creative itch, so I'm keen to indulge it :)
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