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No update for a while as I've basically been busy at work. Haven't done much else - just quietly enjoyed time to myself or gentle socialising :)

Gave a presentation today as the final part of a course at work; the audience included some senior decision makers in the business. I think my presentation stirred things a bit, going by the questions afterwards, but hopefully they've listened to what I had to say :) Dressed in suit trousers and a shirt and tie. That was weird.

At any rate, that's quite a weight off my mind.

Next week I'm going to Toronto to do a second round of interviews and hopefully hire two new people in my team there. I've never been to anything west of the Atlantic, so this should be fun.

Still miss Ratchet, but the major part is over. It was really hard. We buried him last Saturday. I do still really want another cat.. kitten.

Beard's still coming on nicely. I think my boss has the fear, heh.

And that's about.. it.
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