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Life, it's a funny old thing.

So, I'm still meandering along, which is fine. I appear to be growing a beard - not had too many complements on it so far. Tempted to see if I can keep it long enough to do interesting things with it, but I may just end up shaving it off in a fit of piqué.

There seem to be a few threads in my life that are beginning to come together and make sense - my apathy around involvement/commitment, a sense that things are just generally too complicated.. and a few other things which I'm still researching on and off. I'll report back when I believe I'm getting somewhere.

I'm happy to talk about things being too complicated though. I'm certainly feeling that there is a desire to keep us in our place by ensuring that things appear that complicated that we relinquish our power (to decide what's best for ourselves) to those who are supposedly better equipped to make those decisions. I certainly haven't agreed with nearly any of the things I've heard about recently. And this doesn't just happen in country politics - it happens in finance as evidenced by the banking crisis, and it happens in business politics too.

I'm coming to believe that standard operating procedure of some companies is to bamboozle their staff with jargon when really they'd be better off speaking plainly and getting to the root of the problem. In my mind, they do this for one of two reasons: one, they don't understand what is happening in their own business and so bluster to cover up that fact, or two, they do understand and they don't want you to understand, either to keep you in your place or to cover up some infidelity or incompetency.

All my current feelings can be summed up by this video, which explains how the banking crisis came to pass (in the US at least) in simple terms. I really enjoyed the fact the expert really understood what concepts he needed to get across, and does so simply and with perfect (to my mind) clarity. The rest of the stuff on that site is a bit of a goldmine too - it appears to be profound or interesting videos that some dude has found.
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