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I know this is now 'ancient history', but it was only explaining why the inauguration of President Barack Obama to kissycat1000's 16 year old daughter was such an important moment in world history that I really began to feel excited about the change that - regardless of whether it is actually going to arrive or not - the people of America had voted for.

I'm glad it's not just me that thinks that law is too complicated. This, shortly after the recent Data Protection Act changes. There certainly feels like there is no effort to keep things simple, and in fact some reliance on obfuscation to pass legislation that might not otherwise stand up to scrutiny. Can we start again please?

If anyone ever suggests that group intelligence is better than individuals alone, I will just point them hard at the events that lead to this recession. Also, tying in with the overcomplication theme above - essentially a lot of the underlying problems that ultimately wound up causing the recession are, in my opinion, to do with overcomplication in the finance industry. Again, can we start again please, except this time with some honest to god simple rules that most people have a hope of understanding?

Apparently there is finally to be a worldwide focus on the number of people in the world during February 2009, as one of the primary problems. It's a shame the BBC's article seems to believe no one has done much about this up to this point. I personally remember as far back as 1993, Indonesia had a policy of "Dua anak cukup" (Two children enough). Okay, this was perhaps more a local issue at the time rather than a global issue, but it's still progress.

With a number of friends breaking up or getting together or arranging parties, there does seem to be a certain amount of change in the air. This is a little unsettling for a number of reasons.

Unlike the snow (yes, the snow. I said it, so ner). The snow settled; we went home early today. I deeply suspect we'll be working from home tomorrow if the forecast for heavy snow and ice overnight is correct.
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