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Ahaahahhahaa.. all my eeevil plans are coming together!! (or: My weekend)

Ahem, yes. Well, I have a nice new spangly icon thanks to nemy, cryx and kissycat1000 ;) kissycat1000 has posted about the weekend, which I will be inordinately lazy and link to again (you ARE my secretary and you know it ;) ).

I have the bike back, MOT'd and carbs cleaned (and new indicator fitted). It's a lot better but still a little rough. Perhaps it would benefit from some tuning and so forth. Apparently it didn't need a new chain - almost ended up shelling out for it as I'd ordered it with the bike place but luckily was let off the hook by the nice parts man.

dylan when are you getting your bike fixed & MOT'd? From the looks of this morning the summer could be over all too soon - get your arse (and bike) in gear!

Asked about my insurance and it turns out it would be 280 quid cheaper in Cheltenham, but I'd have to actually *live* there. Whoa! I'm not going to change it this time as they could claim I was acting fraudulently by giving my address as Cheltenham when I was living in Bristol. Still, who knows, by this time next year I could have a house of my own in Cheltenham..?

Which reminds me, I must get on the agency's back and also enrole at more agencies.

Things are tight moneywise, but at least I know what's coming in and what's going out which enables me to budget. I will get a better paid job so I don't have to do all of that.

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