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[Geek] Upgrade mostly complete :)

The upgrade had many.. hiccups, but it's completed now. I spent from 11pm last Monday night until 5:30am on the Tuesday morning, then from 9:30am on Tuesday until 12:30am on Wednesday morning.

I've spent most evenings since then (bar the weekend) tweaking, fixing and updating. I now have an upgraded server, hosting it's own wireless access point, Exchange, and nearly all of the important services that the old server had.

Now I just need to get everyone set up with Exchange and ensure they're happy with it, figure out a backup mechanism for it, etc.

It's taken a fairly monumental effort, but I've got there, and I'm happy with the results :)

On a side note, I got into work and it was still fairly gloomy. I got back from work and it was gloomy. Winter - bah, humbug.
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