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[Geek] Major upgrades.

I am in the process of copying files off my old home server onto the new home server. Due to equipment compatibilities and me misplacing converters, I'm going to have to do everything in a bigger step than I'd hoped (i.e. I can't easily 'go back').

At present mine and ev1ldonut's main email accounts are non-operational. But by the end of today I hope to have upgraded the PS3 to a 100GB HDD as well as upgrade the main server. Converting emails and calendars.. well, I have some ideas but I haven't gone all the way through yet.

Because this is such a mammoth project (it's been going on and off since February) I decided just to take the day off and do it, otherwise I'd never get it done.

I was up until 5am after getting back at 11pm, and I woke up again at 9:30am this morning.

If you don't hear from me.. well, that appears to be par for the course nowadays. But if you don't hear from ev1ldonut much, that'll be my fault. Sorry. :)
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